Mammy Resources


Kellymom - An excellent resource for any kind of breastfeeding information.
Dr. Newman - A Canadian breastfeeding expert, lots of wonderful articles, videos and advice.
MOBI (Mothers Overcoming Breastfeeding Issues) - Fabulous group for Mums and Babies with issues affecting their breastfeeding relationship such as IGT, Tongue Tie and other supply issues.
Friends of Breastfeeding - An Irish organisation promoting the normalisation of breastfeeding
La Leche League - The international breastfeeding organisation.
Human Milk for Human Babies - A facebook group helping milk donors and recipients connect.

Pregnancy / Birth

Freebies for pregnant and new Mums - A list I compiled of freebies available to new mums and pregnant women.
The Homebirth Association - The go-to Irish organisation for everything homebirth related including the most current list of independent midwives.
AIMS - A wonderful organisation working towards improving maternity care at all levels in Ireland.
Birth Without Fear - An amazing birth blog empowering women to have the birth they truly want.
Gentlebirth - An Irish-specific birth hypnosis program offering courses around the country or a study-at-home option.

Attachment Parenting

Babywearing Ireland - A group for people interested in babywearing.  They can help you find and pick the perfect sling for you and your baby and even have a sling library so you can try out various options.
Baby Massage Ireland - Irish Chapter of the International Association of Infant Massage
Home Education Network Ireland - Supporting parents who wish to educate their children themselves.